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03 Nov 2018 to 29 Jun 2019

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Volunteer Befrienders

Closing date: 26 Sep 2018
Number of sessions: 1

About this project

The youth from Henderson may come from underprivileged and at-risk backgrounds. As such, they may not receive equal opportunities for growth and mentorship as another average youth. On the language front, they might often be much more fluent in street lingo, but less apt to use English in other more formal contexts, necessary for their entrance into society after school. These youth have a need to develop a greater amount of confidence and this could be a way towards social inclusion.

This programme is about making learning accessible to these youth, by harnessing sport as a platform and means to pique their interest and grow their capacity for language use outside of sports or street lingo. Through this programme, Playbook seeks to inspire a greater desire for learning as well as grow in character values, confidence and communication abilities for these youth.

What exactly is 'PlayBook'?  

PlayBook is a sport-based English curriculum developed by Team Five Minutes alongside SportCares and Youth Corps Singapore, to improve the language skills and comprehension abilities of youth when conversing in English. We use sport-based content and activities to make learning more accessible to these youth.

What does a project facilitator have to do?

1. Take time to know the youth. It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS! As the saying goes, ‘They won’t care how much you know till they know how much you care’. Be ready to listen to them, hear their stories, and have your world expanded with the things they share with you. (Truly, there’s alot to learn from them!)

2. Inspire learning. You dont have to be a genius, but we would appreciate someone who values learning, especially for the youth who may not view it as important or see its value for their future. Your role with these kids is beyond teaching- there is groundwork to do! Some of this include questioning the negative mindsets(‘limiting beliefs’) they have towards learning or their own abilities, and give them a different lens to look at things through your positive encouragement:-)

3. Teach, (or in other words, be a facilitator of learning). Because we want to provide the youths with more tangible helps, one of our key aims is also their empowerment through English language. For this, the Volunteer team become the ones who will facilitate activities in each session, befriender them, and encourage them alongside learning :-)*

*: You will most definitely be in groups to work with for these! So dont worry if you are not one who likes to be in front and facilitating all the time, there are other ways to work around this :)

Wait... What exactly do I teach?

All volunteers will be equipped with the Playbook curriculum, which was formed two years ago! Alongside this, Team Five Minutes will also be there to introduce you to the key parts of the curriculum, to famarilise you for it, and to equip you with key tips and facilitation skills you will put to use in this programme :) Though you are the ones at the forefront interacting with the youth, our Exco will be there to conduct debriefs and guide you through the preparation for the journey :)

What is the commitment like if I take this up?

The programme itself will be once a week from November 2018 to June 2019.

*Do note that for trainings and team formation, as well as immersion(time to approach and build relationships with the youth) be in October - November. During this time, the timings and dates will be less fixed, and we will arrange in due time :-)

** During one month of the programme, you will be asked to take a more key role in leading the programme. In this month, you will need to spend abit more time to do the necessary preparations :)

The reason for the long-term commitment is that we want to build sustainable and impactful relationships with the youth. With too short a time, there is little we can do to make a difference to them. Therefore, we will like to ask for your commitment.

But dont let this be a deterrent! If you are very interested in this program but have concerns about commitment, do let us know upfront and we will let you know if there are other ways to work around it :-)


This is a youth-for-youth project supported by Youth Corps Singapore.

Start: 03 Nov 2018 13:00
End: 03 Nov 2018 16:00
Vacancy: 0 out of 10 positions filled
Location: tbc
Skills: Coaching & Mentoring, Facilitation, Team Building, Befriending

Session List

Session Start Date & Time End Time Duration (hours)
Weekly Session 1 03/11/2018 01:00 PM 04:00 PM 3

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